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Clear Maze Technologies helps digital product startups bring their ideas to life. We offer a full suite of software development services, including strategy, UX design, and MVP development. Our experienced team works with you every step of the way to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of market-ready products. Contact us today to turn your digital product startup dreams into a reality.
Clear Maze Technologies has been instrumental in helping our digital product startup take off. Their team's expertise and dedication have exceeded our expectations, and we are excited to continue our partnership.
Clay Wilson
Senior Strategist - The Energy Project

This service is suitable for

Transforming Education with Innovative Digital Products
Banking & Fin-Tech
Empowering Financial Growth with Digital Products
Revolutionizing Healthcare with Digital Products"

define the problem

Gap analysis of the existing product. Determine the reasons for the need for renewal.
Study the market trends, competitors, and customers' needs and preferences to determine the scope of renewal and the potential for success.

technology & architecture 

Develop a technology strategy & architecture solution for renewing the digital product, including the resources needed, timelines, and potential risks.

UX & Users' flows

Simple and modern UX Design. Follow the journey and adapt the users' navigation habits to the new approach. Keep in mind the users needs and preferences.

Sprint Zero

Solid understanding of the problem we're trying to solve.
Define the scope, goals and objectives, laying out the action plan for the upcoming sprints.
Conduct user research, create user personas, define the problem space, identify any potential roadblocks or challenges that may arise during the design or development process.

speed implementation

Recode or update the existing digital product, test it, and ensure that it meets the defined goals and objectives.
Using Agile Methodologies we ensure a speed development.
The time to market is important. 

testing & optimization

Onboarding the users is an essential part of the renewal. They're always right. We involve them in testing and optimization since the prototyping phase, till the acceptance. 
We may revise the Ideate, or Prototype, or product based on their feedback.

Go to Market

Launch the renewed digital product in the market, including developing marketing campaigns, pricing strategies, and distribution channels.

handover & monitorig

Monitor the performance of the renewed digital product, collect customer feedback, and analyze the results to determine if the goals and objectives have been achieved.
Continuously improve the digital product by incorporating customer feedback, updating features, and adapting to market changes

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